DCC Annual dinner in 2018

2019-01-29 12:30

      January 25, 2019, ten days before the traditional Chinese lunar New Year. On this day, all employees of DCC group gathered at "Nan Bo No.1" to hold the company's 2018 annual meeting in a happy and peaceful atmosphere. In order to let all employees share the joy of the growth of the company, the annual meeting specially invited the families of employees to attend.



      At 5:30 p.m., DCC 2018 annual meeting began with host Lisa's emotional opening remarks. Before dinner,  Alex made a passionate keynote speech. He reviewed the achievements of the company in the past year, and then thanked all the employees for their diligence in the past year, He also thanked all the friends who have given support and help in the development and growth of DCC. At the end of the speech, Alex encouraged everyone to continue to work hard in the next year!



      After Alex's speech, the banquet officially began. All the staff enjoyed the delicious food in the joy. The cheer and applause filled the whole venue. In front of Alex, always surrounded by people, we come forward to propose a toast, give thanks and wishes.


three sales managers toast to Alex



finance department toast to Alex



Colleagues from the purchasing and shipping department toast to Alex



Sales department 4 toast to Alex



Sales department 3 toast to Alex



      In every annual meeting, all kinds of awards are the most desirable things for every employee. During the dinner, all the awards were handed out one after another in the introduction of host Lisa. 2018 is a significant year in which the company has absorbed a lot of fresh blood. During this time, every new employee was excellent and hardworking. Lisa Gong, Jenny, and Tang were named the company's new employees of the year.




      The annual "best sales", "best growth", "best profit" awards are the company's traditional awards, David, Reggie, Allen respectively won this year's "best sales award", "best growth award", "best profit awarsd". Meanwhile, in view of Reggie's work performance and ability in 2018, the company leadership has decided to appoint Reggie as the department manager of the company's third business department.




      The award of "excellent employee of the year" is also the traditional award of the company every year. This year, Dream and kendall from the purchasing department; Lucy from the finance department was honored.





      The lottery is the most exciting part of the annual meeting.In the anticipation of colleagues and cheers, all kinds of awards have the results.The final grand prize went to Sean, whose lovely son gave a performance for everyone, which won applause and pushed the whole annual meeting to a climax.




      Finally, we wish DCC a great success in the coming year, we wish all DCC colleagues happy New Year and greater success, we also wish all DCC customers and friends good health and good luck in everything!