Qinghai Lake tourism in 2018

2018-08-20 12:30

Located in QingHai province, QingHai lake is the largest inland lake and saltwater lake in China, with an area of 4,583 square kilometers and a length of about 360 kilometers. Lake district average summer temperature of 15 ℃, is a natural summer resort. From August 15, 2018 to August 19, 2018, all employees of the company visited the scenery along the route centered on QingHai lake, as an effective way for DCC to build corporate culture, forge a team and create a harmonious relationship with colleagues.




Taer Lamasery

Located in XiNing city, QingHai province, Taer Lamasery is one of the representative lamaserys

of the Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism (huangjiao) in China. The temple was built in memory of Tsongkhapa, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism. In the narration of the narrator, we not only know the history of taer temple, but also the great devotion and commitment of Tibetan Buddhism to belief. We were deeply impressed by the eight pagodas, the big golden roof, the embroidery, the yak butter flower, and the thangka.




Campfire Party

The highlight of the trip was the roast lamb bonfire night at Qinghai lake. Roast whole sheep is the local original breeding of goats, bonfire evening integrated with Tibetan singing and dancing performances, these activities with local characteristics are what we hope。Such activities not only enable us to better understand and integrate into the local culture, but also the best way to activate the team atmosphere。In the whole activity, all the employees savored the delicious food, drank to their heart's content and danced around the campfire, which brought the whole trip to a climax.




Caka Salt Lake

The charming scenery of Chaka Salt Lake is called "the mirror of the sky" by travelers in China and "one of the 55 places people must visit in their lifetime" by national tourism and geography magazine. It was a rainy morning in Qinghai lake, just when we were depressed and worried about the plan of travel ChaKa salt Lake would be ruined, After 4 PM the weather suddenly opened up, so that we have the conditions to enjoy the magnificent and vast scene. We know that this is a gift from god for us, so that we can have no regrets.




The Scenery on the Way

The tour centers on Qinghai lake, passing through Lanzhou and Xining, two northwestern cities. Along the way, we appreciate the natural scenery of the northwest, feel the beauty and the vast of motherland. At the same time, we also have a deep understanding of the local culture, taste the local special food, and have a new understanding and experience of the great northwest of the motherland, which is really worth the trip.




We were impressed by the visit to Qinghai lake。Although the journey is hard, we help each other in the journey, which fully reflects the warmth of the DCC family。The only regret is that, due to the weather, we failed to realize our dream of riding in the lake of Qinghai. I think, travel and life are the same, there will be regret and unsatisfactory, these regrets and unsatisfactory, are urging us to continue to move forward.