DCC& Bangladesh chemical show

2018-07-04 12:30

  Bangladesh is located at the confluence of China, India and Asean, is a bridge and link of multi-party cooperation. Bangladesh is the world's second largest exporter of garment, second only to China, the market share of about 4.8%, has more than 5000 garment factories, hiring nearly 4.2 million workers, its production cost is low, the product competitive advantage obviously, related to textile machinery and equipment, such as cloth and yarn demand is bigger. Bangladesh chemical industry exhibition was held once a year, because of the unique location advantage, Bangladesh cost manufacture, and market advantages, every year to attract hundreds of professional manufacturers, DCC is one of them.

DCC take part in Bangladesh chemical show

  We exhibited at chemical dyestuffs exhibition held in Dacca of Bangladesh from July 20th to 24th 2011, as the biggest chemical and dyes exhibition of Bangladesh, this exhibition has got the great attention of the various circles of society, The minister of Bangladesh Ministry of Industry came personally to talk with the exhibitors. Our company has recommended high-performance pigment paste for textile printing and titanium dioxide specially in this show , DCC pigment has entered into the Bangladesh market for 4 years, which has won great popularity with its stable quality and extremely competitive prices. We hope that can have more socialising with the customers through this exhibition, further promote the occupation rate in Bangladesh of DCC products.



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