New Year's Eve dinner in 2017

2018-07-04 12:30

  Chinese New Year's eve dinner is a traditional festival in China. Every family will prepare a lot of wine and dishes and make the most solemn arrangements on this day. DCC will hold the 2017 New Year's eve dinner on January 26, 2018, and arrange it at the Ferrera city restaurant next to the company.

  Before the party, the partners of Ferrera's city restaurant had already arranged the restaurant meticulously, and the whole western restaurant was filled with the joy and bustle of Chinese festivals.



  Fun games before the banquet are fun and will always attract the attention of most employees.Such activities not only activate the atmosphere of the party, but also enable everyone to experience the assistance and warmth of the team during play.

Circle game

“nose game”, need balance and luck

Crossword, Need expression and tacit understanding


  "Making dumplings" is an important traditional program.However, this is the first time to make traditional Chinese dumplings in a western restaurant. I think it will be the most impressive one so far.


  The most important activity before the banquet is the announcement and award of outstanding employees of the company in 2017.Ivy, David, Steve, get the prize.



  The party began. The scene of the banquet is always unforgettable. The frequent raising of glasses in the banquet is the most sincere blessing and affirmation to each other.


  The small game of "throwing the dice" between banquet, pushed the whole activity to a small climax.


  In a happy voice and laughter, DCC‘s New Year's eve dinner ended successfully. Although the Gregorian calendar has already entered the New Year, for traditional Chinese people, the important sign of farewell to the old year is still in this happy reunion dinner. Had the family reunion dinner, tomorrow will be a New Year. We all believe that DCCer's will insist "color the world, green the life" as their work idea, input more passion, to create greater value.

  Happy new year for all friends!