Expand training in 2017

2018-07-04 12:30

  The Expand training of the enterprise is the traditional activity that DCC insists on all the time.The forging and building of an excellent team of enterprises, like the construction of the army, requires frequent practice. In 2017, the company's team development activities will be start in Tonglu.

    At 7:00 am on October 14, 2017, all the staff drove to the gathering place, listening to the coach's introduction of the whole expansion activity and warming up before the activity.





  Before the event, all the employees were divided into "Wolf team" and "Eagles team".There were competitive and interesting games. Both team members responded with great enthusiasm and showed the spirit of teamwork in the activities and games, which reflected the spirit of fighting bravely, loving and helping each other.

Back to back and “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

Find safe shelter

Study of tactics before a game

Card games

Pinball game


  The rapid descent of the cliff at the Yuzhu mountain was a test of the courage and strength of all the participants .


  The group photo of each team activity is not only the retention of past memories, but also the motivation of future work and life.Everyone on the team is confident, positive and excellent.