DCC Annual dinner in 2016

2018-07-04 12:30

January 20, 2017, it is a traditional Chinese lunar year. According to Chinese tradition, every household will paste Spring Festival couplets, dust removal, sacrifice to the Lord of the kitchen and prepare New Year's goods during the Spring Festival, indicating that the new year should have a new look.

For DCC, this day is also an important day. Because on this day, we get together and hold a annual dinner banquet in the Ferrera city restaurant which is owned by the group company.

Before the banquet, the restaurant which was cleaned up prepared delicious dishes to welcome guests from all over the world.


Before the main banquet, President Ni made a keynote speech. He reviewed the marketing environment and sales performance of the past year, affirmed the company's achievements and praised the outstanding colleagues.


  In a lively atmosphere, colleagues enjoy the delicious food.



  After the banquet, all the employees got together and held an activity themed "DCC& Ferrera dream night". In the course of various small games, each colleague immersed in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.





2016 has ended. Thanks to the efforts of all the employees , DCC has made great achievements in the past year. We firmly believe that the future of the DCC will be able to create a brilliant level. Happy New Year!