2018-07-03 12:30

Our company hold the mid-year work meeting in Dafe&Design ,a fantastic cafe on July 14th , the meeting was penetrated with relaxed and harmonious atmosphere to the end. We summarized the dyestuff and pigment market in the first half of the year, Shared our working experience, and made plans and prospects for the second half of the year.



In the first half of the meeting, the leaders of every department gave the report on last half year's department work performances firstly. Apart from the direct data statistics and analysis, the report also refered to personal reflection,problem and difficulty of current work, solving proposal,and the next half year's work plan and target. Next was the 10 minutes’ speech, every staff briefed on their work harvest in the last six monthes , the speech included both rational self-assessment and free expression about the feeling within DCC team.


Business manager Vivi reports

Mr David Jiang,from Overseas Market Dep.,DCC

Mr Reggie liu,from Overseas Market Dep.,DCC

Mr Allen Lin,from 4th Business Dep.

In general, the company experienced a apparent increase in business volume compared with the previous year, and it’s our joy to see the trend of favourable and steady development was maintained so well However, some topic proposed for more than once could not be ignored also. These topic includes how to establish abundant and reliable supplier system, how to search out more inflexible promotion ways, and how to maximize the resource sharing inside the company. And we all know the Solution to these problems relates directly to quicker and better development of the DCC to the next stage, and the full performance of every staff 's talent.