Jet Ink Solution

2020-04-07 11:36

The total global market volume of textile printing is around 40 billion square meters per year and due to more pattern selections and environmental protection advantages, the Jet printing is replacing traditional printing process step by step which creates sharp increasing demands for jet ink . In order to keep pace with this market tendency , DCC developed series of dyestuff with higher purity and finer particle size specially for jet printing ink and quality have been approved by customers from Korea, Japan ,Italy and USA .

DJET BLUE 359 (Disperse blue 359)

DJET BLUE 360 (Disperse blue 360)

DJET RED 60 (Disperse red 60)

DJET BROWN 27 (Disperse brown 27)

DJET YELLOW 54 (Disperse yellow 54)

DJET ORANGE 29 (Disperse orange 29)