DCC Shareholders Meeting and Outdoor Expand Training in 2020

DCC Shareholders Meeting and Outdoor Expand Training in 2020

2020-07-03 13:44

      Since the first shareholders' meeting of the company was held in 20109, July 1 of each year has been designated as the "Company building Day" since then, and the annual shareholders' meeting is also selected to be held on this day.This is not only a review and commemoration of the company's entrepreneurial road, but also encourage successors to forge ahead and create brilliant.

      On July 1, 2020, the shareholders' meeting of DCC2020 was held Shang Liang Peak. Shang Liang Peak is located in the hinterland of Siming Mountain, more than 1000 meters above sea level, is the first peak of Fenghua.There were dense pine forests, murmuring streams, beautiful scenery and fresh air.This, combined with the rain and fog of the day, adds a touch of coolness and quiet to the heat of midsummer.

      At 1:00 PM, the meeting officially began.At first,the manager of the financial department introduced the main business of the company, the relevant investment subjects and the operation status of the joint venture company in the past year.She mainly introduced the generation and reasons of the company's sales revenue, financial cost, operating cost, sales cost and net profit.According to the released data, 2019 was the best year for the company since its establishment.

      ALLEN, the sales manager of the company, and DREAM, the shipping manager, will introduce the sales and shipping situation of the past year to all shareholders. ALLEN takes the distribution of the company's main products, customers and business development as the entry point, detailed introduces the company's business team in the process of day-to-day business development efforts, focus on analyzing the reasons of business growth over the last year, on the one hand is due to the slow increase international market demand, mostly is the company's business team for the further development of each segment of the market.


      Outdoor Expand Training are an important way for DCC to melt and improve the team.On July 2, the DCC 2020 outreach activity was also held in Shang Liang Peak.The expansion activities need to break the barriers and organizations of the original departments of the company, establish a new team, and create an atmosphere for the activities.At the beginning of the warm-up, through "breaking the ice", re-establish mutual trust and prepare for the following activities.


      The first event, "The Da Vinci Code," trains team members in information gathering, scientific decision making and firm execution.

      The second group building activity is "Challenge No.1", which requires the coordination and cooperation of the whole team members to complete, which really tests the teamwork ability.


      The third group building activity is "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and the orientation activity of the scenic spot.This activity is an adjustment of courage and wisdom, and enhances the cohesion of the team through team competition and cooperation.


      Strolling among green mountains and green waters, listening to cicadas chirping in streams and streams, the two days' activities were full and meaningful enough to leave us a deep impression.We always believe that a good and successful team is not a single individual heroism, but requires the concerted efforts of the whole team, coordinated common wisdom, courage and dedication.




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